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Pilates classes and Chiropractic treatment delivered across West Sussex

Pilates is a whole-body mind exercise method, where you'll bring attention to your breathing and learn how to breath well. You will concentrate and become more mindful of how you move your body and develop a strong core and learn to move with precision and flow. Taking part in a Pilates class will include working on flexibility and mobility as well as strength and stability. Through regular practice of Pilates, you will find improvement in posture, feel stronger in your body, and gain increased awareness of how you use your body day to day. It will also complement any other activities you do.

With a warm welcome I offer a safe and supportive environment for you to train with me. I enjoy sharing the benefits practising Pilates can bring, not just to our physical but also our mental and overall well-being. It makes me proud to see clients progress, becoming stronger and achieving improvements in how they move and use their bodies. During classes I will guide you through exercises that will challenge you body, focus your mind and leave you with a feeling of well-being.

Online Pilates via Zoom:

Every Tuesday at 5.30pm and every Friday 12.00pm
£40 per month for access to two classes a week or £10 to drop in.

You’re welcome to join these classes from anywhere that suits you. The classes are mixed ability and exercises will be layered giving you the option to work at a level that suits you.

Small group in-person Pilates classes:

Every Tuesday at 6.30pm and Fridays at 1.00pm
£12 per class.

These take place at the Garden Room Studio, 231 St Leonards Road, Horsham, RH13 6BE. Offering a welcoming and supportive environment, these are small classes with a maximum of 4 people giving a more personal hands-on opportunity for you to train.

Please contact me to discuss how joining my Pilates classes may be of benefit to you, and to get started.
The wonderful thing is that people at any age, any fitness level from all walks of life can benefit from Pilates. Exercises can be modified, progressed, and adapted to suit the needs of the individual. Regularly performed Pilates exercises will lead to a more resilient body allowing you to adapt to the challenges of life, whether that be performing in sport, working in the garden or playing with grandchildren.

I plan my Pilates classes to suit the clients I’m teaching. Sometimes I will include classical Pilates exercises, other times I will use more clinical, modified exercises. Exercises will be layered so that you can work at the level that suits you and your body on that particular day. You will work your body and focus your mind, bringing the benefits with you out to your daily life. All aimed at allowing your body to function at it’s optimum and for you to move well and feel great.