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Pilates classes and Chiropractic treatment delivered across West Sussex
All about me

Having always been interested in health, well being and the human body, I feel extremely fortunate that my path in life has lead me to the work I do today. My passion is to help and support others to move better, feel better and live better.

My first work was as a massage therapist and aerobic instructor. Since graduating with my Chiropractic degree over 18 years ago I worked as the principle Chiropractor at the Dulwich Therapy Rooms in London, supporting patients including school children, working professionals, seniors and pregnant women. My journey has now continued and following a move to the West Sussex area, I have left Dulwich to focus on building my own practice in Horsham and Worthing.

I’ve always enjoyed keeping active and the benefits this brings. We just feel so much better if we move our bodies mindfully.

Whilst working as a chiropractor I discovered Pilates and how great it was not just for my own body but for every body. I initially attended short Pilates training courses aimed at clinicians looking to use Pilates exercises to help their patients. Growing to love Pilates more I did further training and qualified as a matwork Pilates Instructor and then as a Pilates studio equipment instructor.
My clinical experience working as a chiropractor and my Pilates teaching work so nicely together. I often prescribe Pilates rehab exercises for patients to aid their recovery and my clinical experience comes in useful when instructing Pilates clients. A fantastic blend that has brought a wonderful balance to the way I work.

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